Beautify Junkyards - The Beast Shouted Love LP

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Mega Dodo 2015

"An ethereal, magical and transcendent experience, it's full of beautifully crafted songs that shimmer with the beauty of a spring morning" 

(Mega Dodo)

"...Over the course of a dozen or so exquisitely organic and disarmingly gorgeous self-penned numbers they invoke nature in all her glory and I defy anyone not to listen to this without chilling out complete wearing the soppiest grin they can muster. Imagine if Stereolab or, more appositely perhaps, Soundcarriers, had taken more of their inspiration from late 60s freak folk and you’ll get an idea of what this is about. Not that it is in anyway time-warped as the band make judicious use of synths and effects to give a contemporary boost which in turn lends a narcotic quality to a sound grounded in timelessness."

(Ian Fraser - Terrascope)

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