Doc Luden Looksharp - Cacophonorgy LP

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Furry Heart 2015

"Doc Luden Looksharp is Luca Collivasone, a former punk with a love of experimental and industrial music. In order to produce the music he loves, he set to inventing the 'Cacophonator' - a vintage 1940 Singer sewing machine bastardised and transmogrified into a generator of alien effects, quirky sounds, drones and, well, a glorious cacophony. 'Cacophonorgy', as a body of work, is the nearest you will get to the original pioneering spirit of Schaeffer et al in this conformist age. However, some influences and echoes of prior innovators shine through.....the work of early Cabaret Voltaire (circa 2x45 and Red Mecca), Severed Heads, Einstürzende Neubauten and Throbbing Gristle all resonate throughout the album. .....

.....This is by no means an easy's not a chilled Sunday afternoon laying on the couch album...but it is a work of a true experimental musical auteur. Pretty much essential listening for anyone who likes to be challenged by music and is not scared of work that does not conform to norms"

(Dayz of Purple and Orange - read the full review here)

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