E GONE - Advice For Hill Walkers CD

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Sunrise Ocean Bender / Deep Water Acres

Lush CD re-issue of E GONE's fantastic 'Advice For Hill Walkers'  - a deluxe upgrade it deserves in both sound and packaging, with expanded (two additional tracks) and reworked (remixed and remastered) audio, all housed in a gorgeous Stumptown-printed cover with a foldout poster insert.

"It is hard to put words to how this album makes one feel....it's not just about sounds, instruments and melodies; it is about atmosphere, textures and visions. Every track can transport you to somewhere different, both geographically and emotionally. E GONE uses sounds to conjure a place, time or feeling in the same way a great master used colour or Hemingway used words."

(Dayz of Purple and Orange - read the full review here)

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