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Boring Machines 2008

"Expo ‘70 is mainly the work of Justin Wright, who started the project in early 2003. Expo ‘70 blends heavily effected guitar to create textured drones with rhythmic swirls of delayed notes, creating unique soundscapes and mini epic psychedelic jams all washed together. Comparisons have ranged from early Krautrock & kosmische musik pioneers such as Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Tangerine Dream and A.R. Machines with modern sounds akin to Earth and Sunn0))). “Heir of Serpents” opens the disc, the first of two songs featured by Wright on this split, show Wright layering synth melodies with acoustic guitars, building up into a solid guitar riff toppled by epic soloing, similar to “Missing Sun” from his CD debut, “Animism”. The second track, “Seeker of Sonic Auraus” sees Wright layering synths over a steady pulse, giving it an eerie horror soundtrack feel, like Klaus Schulze jamming with John Carpenter.
Be Invisible Now! is the solo project of Marco Giotto from Italy. Giotto released his debut album on Boring Machines in 2007 and a split cassette as Be Maledetto Now! (Giotto and With Love guitarist Andrea Giotto) on 8mm Records. Be Invisible Now! tracks have a cinematic feeling too. “I Fiori Devono Morire” (Flowers Must Die in italian, eh-eh) pays tribute to the common passion for Carpenter’s soundtracks, opening the suite with layered synths and sinister sounds, live drumming explodes the piece in the best krautrock fashion, leading the suite slowly off into a sea of analogue crackles producing a desolate landscape. “L’ultimo Giardino Dietro la Chiesa” is dominated by percussions, the beat pulses asynchronous, while machines mumble meticulously in the background. The atmosphere and style of Blade Runner, dark and obscure, no doubt, machines have taken control! "

(Boring Machines)
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