Father Murphy - Pain Is On Our Side Now 2x10"

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Boring Machines 2014  - 2x10" Gatefold Sleeve & Booklet

"Father Murphy are back with an even more puzzling project than any other output from their recent past: two one-sided 10" containing two movements each, meant to be played simultaneously - or maybe not, because (just like they wrote in the liner notes) "you choose" and "never forget you have a choice". 
At this point of their path, there's no real references in describing the musical content of this new release: it's Father Murphy and, if you really choose to go with them, be prepared to enjoy a wild, adventorous, sometimes unforgiving ride, where tortured vocals, magmatic drones, sudden outbursts of the blackest chamber music ever and surprisingly childish, almost uplifting melodies go always hand in hand. A bit like having Univers Zero, the Langley School Project children and some unknown Norwegian black metal band playing all together in the same small room." 
(Boring Machines)

"Years ago, Father Murphy took their path through the dark ends of the mind, its contradictions and 
weakness. They did it in a unique and personal way, shaping their sound around the black hole of your dirty consciousness. Father Murphy are the estranging mise en scène of your doubts, your misery, they are the chanting voice who keeps repeating to you “never forget you have a choice.”

(Thalassa Festival)
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