Futeisha - Alegrias Y Duelos De Mi Alma Tape

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Old Bicycle/Artetera  2016

"Futeisha is the moniker of Juan Scassa, guitarist of La Piramide di Sangue, bastions of the Italian Occult Psychedelic scene. On 'Alegrias y duelos de mi alma' Scassa forgoes the ethnically tinged, electric based psychedelia of La Piramide di Sangue for an ethnically tinged, acoustic journey around the Mediterranean. His acoustic, flamenco based guitar immediately gives the album a folklore feel, charging it with a bucolic and yet otherwordly atmosphere. But this is not a folk album, there are drones, deep and resonant, and flashes of abstract electronica that give it a more experimental feel. Scassa's use of indigenous chants and eerie whisperings imbue the album with an authenticity that gives it a voice of its own. Over the course of eleven tracks the moods and emotions he conveys veer between the tranquility of the countryside to the solemnity of the graveside and, in the case of last track, 'Una Fin' outright dread....the drone on this is straight out of the Lustmord book of bowel-loosening drones. It is a wonderful album, full of personality and charisma; it takes the listener to the sunny countryside of the Mediterranean, albeit a countryside haunted by the ghosts of years gone by"

(Dayz of Purple and Orange)

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