Heroin In Tahiti - Sun & Violence 2xLP

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Boring Machines 2015

THE album of the year 2015!

"....words cannot truly 'describe' this album. There are flashes of psyche, bits of hauntology, lots of ethnic flourishes, plenty of drones, smatterings of folk, dashes of kosmische and lots of experimentation....but this is classic case of the sum being greater than its part. A wonderful, wonderful album that will continue to give and give on each listening. So hang your expectations by the door, pull up a comfy chair and enjoy...."

This duo from Rome, started inspired by the classic Italian “spaghetti sound” turned into a depressed and paranoid version of the typical twang-surf of Morricone’s scores.  Heroin in Tahiti is an hypothetical soundtrack of an old mondo-movie gone bad.  After soundtracking the most doped end of the world, Heroin in Tahiti dug further on the mediterranean tradition, incorporating and broadening new languages, as seen from a broken magnifying glass."

(Thalassa Festival)

(Dayz of Purple and Orange - read the full review here)
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