JuJu - JuJu LP

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Sunrise Ocean Bender  2016 - Limited edition 'transparent Orange Crush' vinyl, heavyweight 4C insert with d/l code. Also comes with a freedownload code for the amazing Evening Fire's  “Where I’ve Been Is Places and What I’ve Seen Is Things”  album

"JuJu is the latest incarnation of Sicily-based Gioele Valenti (Lay Llamas, Herself). Used to designate objects, such as amulets, and spells used ceremoniously in West Africa, Valenti broadens the scope of ‘juju’ to encompass a mix of rhythmic psychedelia, ancient myths and Mediterranean neo-paganism. Through the music, JuJu tells the story of an on-going exodus from Africa that more often than not ends in ignored tragedies at sea, ‘a total defeat for humanity.’ Inspired by sources of Earth magic and soil secrets, JuJu strives to turn that defeat into a celebration of spirit and modern psychedelia."

(Sunrise Ocean Bender)

"“… it is an awesome album that, already, must be in the running for album of the year. … The melding of influences gives the album a well-rounded feel that leads the listener to exotic and fantastic places. It's taken the enthnopsych of Vespero, the hauntology of Broadcast and the fuzzy reverb of JAMC and mixed them all up with lashings of imagination and robust mysticism"

(Dayz of Purple & Orange - read the full review here)
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