PASSED - Illuminant/Glory 12" Single Sided

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Boring Machines (2016)

'Illuminant (Slowly We Dissolve) is a masterpiece - starting with a quiet drone and pounding tribal drums and clicking percussion. Distant shamanic chants can be heard in the background. Over its 12 minute length things slowly dissolve as per the title...the drums are subsumed into the chants and things become very still, only for it to rise once more. The intriguing mix and layering of ethnic voices and drums with experimental electronica makes for a stunning track"

(Dayz of Purple and Orange - read the full review here)

"A ritual which marks the existence of an individual and takes him to a no return point, where perpetuation and sonic layering are medium towards the discovery of a new awareness. Passed is a gash over the rediscovery of his nature, death as a compulsory transition for the rebirth and the overcoming of the dualities which regulate and limit the human existence. "

(Thalassa Festival)
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