Pretty Lightning - A Magic Lane Of Light and Rain CD

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Cardinal Fuzz/Sound Effect Records 2015

"'A Magic Lane of Light and Rain'... a throbbing delta blues psychedelic gloop that collides with the communal vibe of some of their Krautrock forefathers. Recorded in a way that holds no regards for studio polish or any hi-tech sheen - Pretty Lightning favour sounds that bleed together and push their music into a fuzzy sun-baked back porch haze. 'A Magic Lane Of Light and Rain' provides you with pounding stomping drums, reverb drenched dirty riffs, ghostly vocals, analog keys/loops and songs that sound as though there coming filtered from a long faded dream."

(Cardinal Fuzz)

" Although ostensibly an electric blues record it has flourishes of hazy psychedelia via the Mississippi has real atmosphere, style and a fine line in lowdown and dirty blues. So if you are a-hankerin' for a record rooted in the legacy of Son House and Willie Brown, with a touch of the deranged electric blues of Bob Log III and the psych sensibilities of The Black Angels and Wooden Shjips then this an album you really need to own. "

(Dayz of Purple and Orange - read the full review here)
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