The Seeds - The Seeds (Re-Issue) LP

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GNP Crescendo (GNP 2023)

"The 60s punk anthems 'Can't Seem To Make You Mine' and 'Pushin' Too Hard' pack as resonant a punch today as they did when first heard as the first two singles by a strangely attired, off-beat sounding Los Angeles outfit known as the Seeds. The group stands prominent amongst the handful of mid-60s garage bands whose influence is palpable in rock to this day. Led by charismatic frontman Sky Saxon, their unique and exciting brand of minimalist rock'n'roll has remained forever contemporary.

Both of these classics were included upon the Seeds' eponymous debut long-player, which was the apotheosis of the band's achievement. Like the first Ramones album, it is one of rock's great debuts; a record where a signature style was sharply defined. Never mind that, at the time of its release in July 1966, 'The Seeds' was one of the very few albums by an unknown group that contained completely original material; it was also one of the few albums from a group of their kind, full stop. Saxon's insistence upon a stark and eye-catching front cover, depicting the combo in all their hirsute glory, guaranteed curiosity at the very least. But it was what the record contained that counts, and it is mandatory listening for any true fan of rock'n'roll in its purest, most elemental form. With cuts such as 'No Escape', 'Girl I Want You' and 'Nobody Spoil My Fun', 'The Seeds' still represents the band at their edgiest and most focused.

(GNP Crescendo)

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