Us And Them - Summer green And Autumn Brown LP

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Mega Dodo  2015

"When one thinks of female folk voices the name Sandy Denny is inevitably the first name from people's lips, however, Rönnholm's vocal musings should run a very close second; her melancholic yearnings the expression of a pastoral idyll from days gone by. That's not to say that 'Summer Green And Autumn Brown' is backwards looking, on the contrary, it mixes bucolic folk with some proggy elements and delving at times into experimental electronica, but never to the detriment of some beautifully performed and intelligently written songs. There is a definite edge to the duo's material, a sharpness that raises it above the normal folk fair; some songs are embued with a darkness and sadness that, perversely, make the album all the more satisfying. Special mention should go to the baroque stylings of 'We Are Sacred' and the 10 minute long 'From The Inside, Looking Out' the start of which sounds like Delia Derbyshire gone folk; it artfully mixes hauntological electronica with melodious folk to great effect. ...........'Summer Green And Autumn Brown' is a spellbinding collection of songs."

(Dayz of Purple and Orange - read the full review here)

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