White Manna - Pan LP

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Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha  2015

"After a series of staggering albums, White Manna return to Earth with a new release of white hot solar rock on Cardinal Fuzz. Named after the mischievous nature god from Greek mythology, Pan finds White Manna peaking, whipped into shape by touring a ferocious live set, as witnessed at Liverpool Psych Fest by many fans who joined the band in a head popping frenzy as they soaked in the intensity of White Manna. Pan is the next logical step for White Manna, as tracks flow from guitar blasting amplifier destroying worship to super-cosmische space rock epics and then comes back for more ferocious Stooges pounding fuzzed up Hawkwind inspired freak flag waving wildness. Inspired by the Northern Californian landscape, the natural mystic of Pan is informed by, as guitarist David Johnson states, “…the trees, beaches, and open spaces where we live are all integral parts of our approach to music.” "

(Cardinal Fuzz)

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